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Error when compiling my script...

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I use Vista...yucky

I compile with options...

These are my paramiters...

#AutoIt3Wrapper_Res_LegalCopyright=©2007-2008 Randy S.
#Obfuscator_Parameters=/sf=1 /sv=1

Popup window...

Command Line Parameters:

Aut2Exe.exe /in <infile.au3> [/out <outfile.exe>] [/icon <iconfile.ico>] [/comp 0-4] [/nopack] [/ansi] [/unicode]

[u][font="Century Gothic"]~я α и d γ ĵ . ċ . ѕ қ ϊ и и ε я~- My Programs -auto shutdownSleep funcdisallow programs[/font][/u]

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You require the Beta version of aut2exe to use the latest version of AutoIt3Wrapper.

I made a note about it in the Thread but uploaded a new installer yesterday which includes the required aut2exe version and it will update your production version.


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