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I am writing a script that automatically makes registrations at a site.

It doesn't require captcha readings or anything, so...

I need it to create a random code in the register box and a random password, then put it into a log.

I think I am able to do this.

But I have a seperate program for making random GMAIL accounts and I need someway to input them in so they register at the site, taking the next email at the list.

I don't want to go so far as to automate the link clicking in the email, but if its not that hard I would like to do that too.

I can get the basics down, like getting it to the point where it needs to enter, and I think I know how to enter random string, but how could I make it output to a log and input each registration with an email address?



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Congrats on your first post!!

Hey, you could use Iniwrite to store all your emails like so:







Im not sure what else your asking for? You want to Send() a random email? With StringTrimRight(@GMail.com) Or Something like that?

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Hey thanks!

That was exactly what I was thinking of just now!

It needs to input it as a string so Send("XXX@XX.com")

But before, maybe an ini read?

Kind of, but it needs to be able to read it off of a premade list or something. If that is possible.


How about an INIRead?!!!!

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