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Setting a value manual off auto on..

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I am currently using a hotkey to turn off a splash screen that's in a loop.

Func _stop()
If $active = 1 Then 
$active = 0
ElseIf $active = 0 Then 
$active = 1

However using this way I have to press the key once to stop, then once again to reset the $active value back to 1. Is there a way to automatically reset the value back to one? I tried sleep and then reset but of course with a sleep it becomes more like a pause button not allowing the screen to be turned off. And I can't turn off the spash screen entirely because it's one screen over another and if I call the function off it turned the whole program off. I'm going to try right now to trick it a little and loop through the 1 value a few times giving me enough time to turn the spash screen off then resetting it.. perhaps it might work.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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