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Shift+Click detection

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The following works on Windows 2000/XP but not Windows 9x/Me ....

Anyone have a solution for the GetKeyState issue on Windows 9x?

$GUI = GuiCreate("Example")

ToolTip("Sample script for" & @CRLF & "Shift+Click detection....", 0, 0)
While 1
   $msg = GuiGetMsg()
   If $msg = -3 Then ExitLoop
   $key = DllCall("user32", "int", "GetAsyncKeyState", "int", 0x10)
   $mouse = GuiGetCursorInfo()
   $p = MouseGetPos()
   If $key[0] And $mouse[2] Then MsgBox(4096,"Notify", "Shift+Click detected at (" & $p[0] & "," & $p[1] & ")")

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