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creating .lnk to a file on ftp server

Guest markz

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The function FileCreateShortcut appears to only to create shortcut to a file located on drive accessible localy of via mapped drive.

Whereas I would like to create a shortcut to a file via FTP,

eg: ""

Is this possible?



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An internet shortcut is just a text file with a .url extension. It is like an ini file and the format is here:


If you want to open you own internet favorites to see how they were done you actually have to open them from within DOS as windows traps all attempts to edit this files from windows and ends up showing you the site they point to :whistle:

So, once you understand the format you can just use simple text file functions to write your own shortcut.

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:whistle: here i was trying the same thing you were wondering about.

setp1 try this

FileCreateShortcut("C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe","c:\windows\desktop\shellcity.lnk","","-nohome http://shellcity.net","","","")

step2 try this


both of them work under 98se using internet explorer 6

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your suggestion does not work on win2k, I tried both ways.


FileCreateShortcut("c:\Program Files\Plus!\Microsoft Internet\IEXPLORE.EXE","ADownloader2.url","","-nohome ftp://10.2......./ADownloader.exe",&...;,"")

Whereas solution by Jon works Ok. A file with extention .url containing lines






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