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Remove Part of Value in an ini

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I am trying to remove part of a value of a multi-valued ini key.

I tried IniDelete, but that deletes the entire key including any values.

My current situation is that I have an ini value like:


Key=1, 2, 3

I want to edit it to look like this:


Key=2, 3

Thank you for the help.

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IniWriteSection("test.ini", "Section", "2,3")

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Sorry, I should of clarified.

I don't know what values 2,3 are.

This modification is for notes.ini for Lotus Notes. We are removing one addin to lotus notes, but we do not want delete the whole line because it disables all the addins.

Different users use different addins with Lotus Notes, so I can't delete the whole line and write a generic one in its place.

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I am interested in how to do this also, let me know if you figure it out.

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See if this (AutoIt3 code) will do the trick:

;~ $keyname = "DisabledPorts"

;~ $remove = "com5"

$keyname = "TCPIP_TcpConnectTimeout"

$remove = "0"

;~ $keyname = "EmptyTrash"

;~ $remove = "0"

$inifile = "c:\lotus\notes\notes.ini"

$sectionname = "Notes"

$s = IniRead($inifile, $sectionname, $keyname, "")

If StringLen($s) = 0 Then

ConsoleWrite("Key not found?" & @CRLF)



ConsoleWrite("$s= " & $s & @CRLF)

$rc = StringInStr($s, $remove)

ConsoleWrite("$rc= " & $rc & @CRLF)

$out = ""

If $rc > 0 Then

$ss = StringSplit($s, ",")

If $ss[0] > 0 Then

; $out = $ss[1]

For $i = 1 To $ss[0]

$sss = $ss[$i]

ConsoleWrite("$ss[" & $i & "]=" & $sss & @CRLF)

If StringCompare($remove, $sss) Then

ConsoleWrite("Keep " & $sss & @CRLF)

If StringLen($out) > 0 Then

$out = $out & ","

ConsoleWrite("$out = " & $out & @CRLF)


$out = $out & $sss


ConsoleWrite("Drop " & $sss & @CRLF)



ConsoleWrite("String to write is: " & $out & @CRLF)


ConsoleWrite("No multi-values found?" & @CRLF)



ConsoleWrite("String to remove not found?" & @CRLF)


As you can see at the top of the code, I tried several keyvalues, it seems to handle multi, double and single values.

Good Luck

P.S. All my nice formatting got stripped, but I have no idea what I'm doing anyway, so I'm not surprised!

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