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Problem with schedules script

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I created a acript that starts up a few programs, then performs a number of actions within those program's menus and dialogs. I verified that the script works as expected when its manually started. I would like the script to automatically run at a predetermined time each day. I uses Windows scheduler to achieve this affect, but the script doesn't work the same when started in this manner.

When started automatically, the script starts, then runs an application, then waits for the application's window to become active. It pretty much waits infinitly here... This seems l like an artifact of my account not being logged into the system when the script is ran. Is there anything I can do to get this to work? I've already ensured that the task manager has appropriate privledges, the RunAs account has appropriate privledges, and that the task schedule is allowed to interact with the desktop. Any suggestions? I didn't see anything in the forum already posed about this particular problem.


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