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How to upload file to FTP server?

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I found this seems suitable for my requirements, I would like to write a FTP Uploader, now I am using the Batch file, the content in the Batch is like this:

Batch 1 (Start.bat)

ftp.exe -s:upload.bat

Batch 2 (upload.bat)

open ftpservername



prompt off

cd upload/images

lcd "d:\upload\images"

mput *.jpg


How to use the _FTPConnect to fullfill my requirements, thanks!

$dllhandle = DllOpen('wininet.dll')

$Open = _FTPOpen ('MyFTP Control',0)

If @error Then Failed("Open")

$Conn = _FTPConnect ($Open, $server,$username,$pass,21,1, 0x08000000,0)

If @error Then Failed("Connect")

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The _FTPPutFile () included in the UDF (FTP.au3) performs what you need to. Search for "FTP.AU3" in the sample script forum.



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