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[UNSOLVED] HTTP Directory List

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What would be the best method to accomplish the following:

1. Go out, connect to the web server, and grab a directory listing (example: http://www.servername.com/down/)

2. Use the directories listed there as combo box headings

3. Recursively add each file under those directories as combo box options

For example, if the http webserver directory list was:




Then i would have 3 combo boxes with those three headings

The data inside of the combo boxes would be what files exist UNDER those directories; for example:














I know that inetget will pull the HTTP source for the directory listing, but that's really not what i want.

I suppose I could use an INI, however, if we add tons of files under there, i may be stopped by the INI size limit. And, the only other problem w/ the INI is that i'd have to update it manually or with a cron job whenever a new file is added, which can be tedious.

Suggestions? (And, yes, I did a search on this forum).

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