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Trying to create or copy the Windows Logoff/Shutdown/etc. Effect

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Hi guys,

I'm looking for a way to copy/create the same effect that occurs when you click on shutdown in Windows. - The effect which "desaturates" the screen to gray while you are seeing the prompt to shutdown, restart, standby, etc.

I spent hours searching the internet for an api documentation for this effect, but with no success. I hoped this was possible with a simple DllCall(), but I couldn't find anything.

So my question is, has anyone every done this before or can anyone give me a hint how to do this in another way.

Especially, Gary Frost or PaulIA - if you see this, please help, since I guess you two are the ones with the best knowledge about the whole DLL stuff.

Any help or hint is highly appreciated.

Thanks guys

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Have a look Here

Get Beta versions Here Get latest SciTE editor Here AutoIt 1-2-3 by Valuater - A great starting point.

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