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How to compile a script correctly...

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Hi guys,

Is there a way to effectively compile my scripts, so that no one who happens to have a Decompiler can decompile them?

Or is that impossible due to the logic of a compiled script, which needs to be able to decompile itself to run?

I'm unsure, because I believe I once downloaded a compiled autoit exe which I wasn't able to decompile. So, I wonder how they did that.

Don't get me wrong here, I don't want to spread any evil scripts, it's just that I'm curious whether it's possible or not, and if so - how.

(If I ever have something worth sharing here, I would ALWAYS release the source anyway!)

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Run Obfuscator when compiling. Also, an autoit compiled script is never 100% safe.

if someobody really wants the code, they are going to get it. there is such a thing as deobfuscator i have heard of.

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