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Hi there,

I use FileGetVersion to distribute my script from a server.

Until now I did not have any problems, but I didn't reached subversion "10" yet.

Now after testing I wanted to put v. on the server but according to Auto-It v. is higher. :D

So my question is....... what am I to do.

Of course v. should fix my problem, but I don't want to go there yet. :idiot:

Please help.

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You will have to split the numbers up by the decimal places. In a real number or fraction, there is never more than one decimal point. Therefore, AutoIt is not the problem here, but your implementation of the obvious.

Who else would I be?

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Found a solution using StringSplit.

Dim $Versie = ""
Dim $Versie2 = FileGetVersion("\\NLF18S01\NLF18$\CQR\Setup\SetupCQR.exe")
; Controle Script Versie-stand :
Dim $v1 = StringSplit ( $Versie, "." )
Dim $Versie1 = $v1[1]*1000000 + $v1[2]*10000 + $v1[3]*100 + $v1[4]*1
Dim $v2 = StringSplit ( $Versie2, "." )
Dim $Versie2 = $v2[1]*1000000 + $v2[2]*10000 + $v2[3]*100 + $v2[4]*1

If $Versie1 < $Versie2 Then
   $MsBox = MsgBox(4, "CQRinvuller © versie check", "Uw versie is "& $Versie & @CRLF & "De huidige versie is "& $Versie2 & @CRLF & @CRLF & "Wilt u de nieuwe versie nu installeren of doet u het later zelf.")
   If $MsBox = 6 Then

Probably not the most neat but it works. (for now) :idiot:

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