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HotKey 2.1.1

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Hi everyone,

Here's an exe I've been working on for a while....

Ever have mac envy? Yeah, me neither, except for one thing: they have some cool keyboard shortcuts that Windows doesn't; for example, the ability to close all open windows. One day I was talking to my brother about this, and decided to write a program to do this for you (it started out using a combination of AutoIT and Perl, but now is 100% AutoIT). Over the last couple months, I've been adding to it and improving it, and I found it so handy that I decided I should document and release it. There may be other programs like this out there (AutoIT or not), but I haven't been able to find anything...

Anyways, here's the "official" description:

HotKey was designed to make your everyday computing life easier. It is a utility that helps you complete Windows tasks quickly and easily. Specifically, it provides a number of functions that perform various tasks related to window management, folder and file creation, directory navigation, and more. Each function can be bound to any key combination of your choice (a "hotkey"), and called up at will whenever HotKey is running.

Feature Highlights - all at the touch of a key, and fully customizable!

Close or minimize all windows

Create files and folders

Make windows transparent

Adjust system volume

Force hung windows to close

Empty the Recycle Bin

Get File Properties

Shutdown / Restart / Logoff

Open Command prompt, calc and other utilities

Launch custom programs and webpages

And many more!

You can download the installer and docs from my website at:


(bottom of the page)

As far as I know, it is bug free at this point, but there is always something you never thought of, right? :idiot: I'd love to hear any ideas/feedback/suggestions anyone has!

For anyone interested, the source code can be extracted after HotKey is installed (just see the FAQ in the help file).

Cheers, :D


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Damn good utility.

I'm working on something similar, but depending on the current application the hot keys will do different jobs.

Gives me more functionality that the programs themselves can offer.

----[ SandyD ]---

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Sounds like Run!



Yeah I guess it is a little like that, although as far as I can tell from the Run! docs, HotKey has some functions that Run! doesn't (and Run! obviously has a lot that HotKey doesn't), and HotKey allows more flexibility with the hotkeys.

I actually hadn't seen Run! until a few minutes ago -- In fact think I may use that in parallel with HotKey...as far as I can tell, they aren't really 'competing', and it might be nice to have both available at once.

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