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Need help with rotation calculation

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Hello, my name is Dexter, and I really need some help.

I am working on a program, that will be able to take two coords from a 3D game, and calculate how far point A is from point B, and calculate which direction the object on point A needs to be facing(in degrees) to get to point B. It am making two copies of this program, one in autoit, and one in C++. I am not very knowlegable on how to make this happen. I know there is some formula for both of these tasks, however, I'm clueless.

I will be reading the X and Y from the memory(I know how to do this) and also reading the Z rotation. The program will check current possition, check target location, calculate how far the target location is, calculate which direction is needed to be facing the target location, rotate your in-game character to this angle, then walk until your character is at a reasonable range. I know how to do everything exept perform the calculations. If someone knows the formulas, I would greatful if you shared. Thx.


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<scnr> nice to see that trignometric nesciense is the stumbling block to prevent you from writing such code </scnr>

Never mind, Rudi..

Earth is flat, pigs can fly, and Nuclear Power is SAFE!

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