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Script running tooooo fast

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Is there a way to slow everything down, my script is running just way too fast?


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Yes:) Search the Helpfile for "Delay" and you will find it:) It is a few different ways to do it:)

The "Opt" way and just individual entries between keys:)

This is one way from the Helpfile:

Sleep ( delay )
It is measured in miliseconds:) 5000 =5 seconds:)


Alters the the length of the brief pause in between sent keystrokes.

Time in milliseconds to pause (default=5). Sometimes a value of 0 does not work; use 1 instead.

and more:) Check the Helpfile, it is extremly helpfull:O

^^, Hope you figure it out:P

Edited by Roofel

Never argue with an idiot, he will just bring you down to his own level and beat you with experience! :D

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