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Controlsend help!

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So i have this game, but im trying to contro lsend text to an editbox, the code as follows:

The game is Brood War, handle is "0x000C03B4".

For some reason this code will not work because it's missing a title for some reason:

$text = WinGetText("Brood War
MsgBox(0, "Text read was:", $text)oÝ÷ Ù'§vÉ趧ÚâyÛÛh¶¡jwezíì"Ú0wHq©÷öÛay(}©ò¶§élz-ý½æ¥²kç¢{[¶×±µ©Ýg¢Øb®¶­sdWFôD6öçG&öÅ6VæBgV÷C´'&ööBv"gV÷C²ÂgV÷C²gV÷C²ÂgV÷C´VFCgV÷C²ÂgV÷C·FW7BgV÷C²oÝ÷ Ú0Â¥t(ÚèǧvÚ-èZÙ^jëh×6AutoItControlSend("TITLE:0x000C03B4","","Edit1","test")
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tolle indicium

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