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set hindi font for menuitem

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Hi all,

I have created a menu with 210 branches. Since the entire content is in hindi, i would like the menu title and submenu to be shown in hindi font as well.

$MenuItem3 = GUICtrlCreateMenu("title", $MenuItem1)
$MenuItem8 = GUICtrlCreateMenu("submenu1", $MenuItem3)
$MenuItem18 = GUICtrlCreateMenuItem("submenu2", $MenuItem8)

I have tried using GuiCtrlSetFont using hindi font so the word title, submenu and submenu2 would be displayed in hindi

GUICtrlSetFont (-1,9, 400, 4, hindsa)

I found that this does not work.

Is there a way to set the fonts for GUICtrlCreateMenu and GUICtrlCreateMenuItem. Please show an example or guidance so I could continue from there. I am going to use this gui mainly on win98 to win XP platform.


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