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Media Manager Script

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Hi, Recently i have been downloading allot of music to my computer, so if i want to listen to a newly downloaded song then i have to do a Windows Search xP

So i want to make a script that keeping order in my music files(I have been searching around the internet for flatfiles that can do this, but i didn't find anyone :S).

Like if the script finds a mp3 file that is located in the music folder, then it would move it to the Band folder

Like if it is:

Songname: These Walls

Album: Octavarium

Artist: Dream Theater

then it would be moved to C:\Users\$username\Music\Dream Theater\Octavarium

And if the bandname is not specified then it would go to C:\Users\$username\Music\Unknown\Octavarium

Or if the Album isn't specified then it would go to C:\Users\$username\Music\Dream Theater\Unknown

Could someone give a noob a hand :) ?

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I use foobar2000 for this task (and all other tasks you can imagine with music files), just download it and import the folder as an playlist and then select all files and right click -> file operations -> Move, rename or copy files.

Broken link? PM me and I'll send you the file!

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