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Login Functions

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I would like to create a sort of login menu.

Asks you for username, then password, and saves those into a text file for later reading.

I'm sure there is a way to do this, I just havn't found it yet, any help?

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Look in the manual for:

Inputbox for your logon.

And perhaps Iniread and Iniwrite for your text file storage.

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Something simple to get you started !

You can also do this using the GUI functions, search the forum a good few ppl helped me on a simular topic a month or so ago !

Using the GUI method you could have multiple input boxes set into 1 gui so you could have a username and password combo !

Plz try learn from this code, dont just copy and past it

Enjoy :idiot:

$undo = 0
$correct = ("drinkduff")
   $passwd = InputBox("Nova Control", "Enter your password.", "", "*", "", "", "-1", "-1", 30)
      If $passwd = $Correct Then
         MsgBox(4096, "Password Chk", "Bingo", 5)
         Exit 0
         MsgBox(48, "Password Chk", "Er wrong", 5)
Until $undo = 1
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