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Correct usage of DSOFILE.dll

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While trying to get a solution for scanning threw folders and subfolders, retrieving several properties of MSoffice files, I noticed that dsofile was many time described on this forum, but with wrong syntax:




here is the solution :

; so this will NOT run:
;;$DSO = ObjCreate("DSOlefile.PropertyReader")
;here is the good syntax

$DSO.open(.... "your file path"....)



getting right syntax from here : http://www.developpez.net/forums/archive/i...p/t-171265.html

I first started using #include <Word.au3> and something like


but it needs more than 2 hours, and only 1mn with DSO for scanning 300 directories, 1438 files, 680 word files ( my need)

enjoy it :)

keywords : dso dsofile dsofiles PropertyReader scan files word msword excel office msoffice query querying metadata file files get getting properties

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