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I am struggling to master AutoIt3, well master would be an exaggeration, lets just say use it to automate what I am told is a very simple task. I am using XP SP2 on a laptop with which I travel. Since I frequently use it in Internet Cafes and other possibly noxious environments Id like to run a battery of checks when I go off-line, AVG anti-virus, Ad-Aware 2007, jv16 Registry Cleaner, etc.

Each of these programs opens up in the same location so it is possible to MouseMove to a control then click, double-click, or whatever. But this I realize is not the most satisfactory method of operating a control, the compiled program wouldnt work on my desktop machine. However, when I use Window Info to look at various controls they do not all have individual Ids. In the AutoIt3 Help file for instance there is a toolbar with five icons, Hide, Locate, Back, Font & Locate. But these share Class, ClassnameNN and a common ID, 1006. In Word (97) only the Font Name & Font Size have individual Ids, but no text is shown in the info. All the other icons on various toolbars are lumped under MsoCommandBar, instance 1, 2, 3 etc. Am I missing something?

Another problem I am having is branching (I think that is the term). Take jv16 Reg Cleaner for instance. If after running the scan there are items that need to be fixed the procedure is to Click on Select then All then move the mouse to Fix and click. At this point another dialog box opens, Do you want to make a back,

2 buttons, YES & NO My solution was to move the mouse to NO and click. That much I have managed to do that by using mouse co-ordinates, but heres the thing If there are no items that require attention then clicking on Select then All doesnt achieve anything, so there is no message about backing up. Is it possible to have the script pause for a few seconds to see if the back up box appears, and if it does not appear then to go ahead with exiting the cleaner?

One last question Is it possible to single-step through a script to see where it is going off the rails?

If you have read this far thanks for your patience

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Most of these applications may support the passing of CLI switches to run them automatically.

Here are some switches I just searched for:

Spybot Command Line Switches

Ad-aware Professional Command Line Switches

Windows Defender Command Line Switches

and if you search, others may have switches.

As for testing scripts, use Opt('TrayIconDebug', 1). If the script stops then you can hover the mouse over the systray icon to see which line it is paused on.


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