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Hello folks!

I am running a MaNGOS server on one of my servers, and the only way to manage users are trough the console on the server, and in-game.

So to make it abit easier for my admins, I want to make an GUI so its possible to manage user info ect. with out being in-game.

All information about the users are stored in the MySQL database. So it only need to send and receive information/queries from/to the MySQL database.

Now to my questions =)

1. How can I make the connection between the GUI/script and the database?

2. May you post any examples of inputs I can use to make my query?

3. How may I secure this program with maybe a password in the startup?

Thanks to all of you! :)

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It might be possible by using SQLyog to lookup under the \\characters database under character_ticket that they have written. So you can send them the item they need or fix the bug they are trying to report. With SQLyog you can remotely fix errors.


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