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GUICtrlCreateTabitem cannot be disabled?

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I want to disable a tab item in the GUI with:

$tTab = GUICtrlCreateTabitem("Tab1")

GUICtrlSetState($tTab , $GUI_DISABLE)

Can anyone confirm that this does not work at the moment or am I'm doing something wrong?

BTW: I'm using the newest unstable Version (dated 01-Dec-2004)

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I have tried it previously, and failed. Maybe a note in the help file if it not able to GuiCtrlSetState with tabs?

If statements can can used at program startup, to test a condition, as to whether a particular GUICtrlCreateTabitem may show. I use this method. Have found no solution for hiding or showing TabItems during runtime.

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You can disable items on the tab, but the tab itself.... uhhh... never seen it... don't know if it is supported...



disable of a tabitem is not implemented. We should return 0 in this case.

In fact GuiCtrlSetState is setting the state when it can but does not return 0 in other case. I will try to improve this return errors :idiot:

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