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Right Program?

Guest the_wiseguy

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Guest the_wiseguy

I am looking for a way in which to automate the process of clicking radio buttons and then entering data into a set field on a webpage. Autoit looks like a good option but I'm not sure.

A good example of what i'm talking about would be registering for a forum (although that's not what i want to do). Would autoit be the right thing to use or should i look elsewhere. If you think autoit is not a good choice for this do you have any suggestions?

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Webpages are in the "grey area" of autoit. It would mostly be a combination of sending tabs and text to the page since autoit cannot see the webpage's controls (images, buttons, etc.) I would recommend learning javascript because it can do anything you want with a webpage.

EDIT: There is also a program called AI Roboform. I have never used it, but it gets some good reviews.

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