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Selecting Print to file in MS Word

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In MS Word (2000) when I select File>Print the print box opens. I want to select Print to file, but i'm unable as there is no Class in Window Spy.

I also cannot use the move mouse position option as my script has to run on a 800 by 600 and 1024 by 768 pixels.

Is there any other way of doing this please.

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How about


or whatever the underlined character is on your print dialog box? the ALT+L combination works to tick the box.

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In Word2003 it is like:

;~ Print to file

Send("^p")         ; sends CTRL-P which is the keyboard shortcut to print in windows.
WinWait("Print")   ; Wait until the Print-screen is activated.
Send("{TAB 12}")   ; number of TAB's until print to file is reached
Send("{SPACE}")    ; Hit space to select

All you have to do is give the number of copies and hit ENTER.

You also program this in the script if U want.

Maybe with you the number of TAB's is different so test that first!!!

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