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Script stopping after error.

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Hi again!

Ok, I have a script that I have been working on, and it works well. However, if I push a button and the program running encounters an error - not the script - in this case a tcp ip error. The script will stop working, and if it's the exe it will close altogether.

Is there any way I can have it be 'Ok we had an error but that's ok, let's keep running'...?

Thank you,


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Meaby Opt("RunErrorsFatal", 0) will help you ? (more info in SciTe help RunErrorsFatal) :)


But if it is a TCP error it may not help you because your problem is that:

$socket = TCPConnect( $IPr, $port )
                If $socket = -1 Then Exit

And when the aplication using TCP ends, it is closing the socket, and your program exits like in code ;)

Try to use TCPShutdown ( ) in OnAutoItExit ( ) meaby it will help.

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