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Using two fonts in one control

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Hi All,

I have a checkbox with a list of names. Some of the names are password protected and some aren't. To differentiate between the two I want to use a small key next to the names that are secure.

I have found a small key in the Symbols associated with the MS Outlook font but am unsure how I can combine two fonts within one line of text in a control.

So I want the name to be in any normal font e.g. Arial, but then have the key from the MS Outlook font directly after it.

Any ideas?

I hope I've explained it well enough, if anyone is confused just let me know.



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i don't think that is possible with the default text controls.... try searching the forum for rich text

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Hi Mark,

I've done something similar in a listview where it's possible to include an icon in an item column.

Instead of a checkbox, could you use an other kind of control ?



FreeRiderHonour & Fidelity

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