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problems with vista

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well i changed my pc from my old one 3000+ amd with xp to a xps720 from dell with vista

the script that worked before dosent work now ..... and the problem starts with easy stuff like

WinWait("asdf", "")

If Not WinActive("asdf", "") Then WinActivate("asdf", "")

WinWaitActive("asdf", "")

WinMove("asdf", "", 0, 0)

it dosent stop here but it dosent move asdf to 0,0(winmove) not even selects(WinActivate) it dosent stop / wait (WinWaitActive)

i tryed modes opt(WinTitleMatchMode) diddnt work so far ..... maybe i have to change some stuff also im not sure if the coord modes changed/ window sizes changed ......

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