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Whats a GUI?

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I'm sorry i'm a newb!please help?

I downloaded the AutoIT1-2-3 to start with,but it doesn't teach me what does GUI mean?and what are the "$""#""!" signs stard for?where can i check which sign means what? thanks

and sorry for poor english=\

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GUI = Graphical User Interface: any window you see will be GUI, it generally has buttons and/or labels and/or other types of controls.

$xxx = Variable, for example this will display 5 in a message box:

$v = 5
Msgbox(0, '', $v)

# = Used for include as well as a few other things (i.e. #Include <Array.au3>)

! = Alt, at least when sending key strokes. For example: Send('!a') will send Alt + a

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#include <GUIConstants.au3>

GUICreate("My Gui ...",300,200) ; will create a dialog box that when displayed is centered


$msg = GUIGetMsg()

if $msg = $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE Then



a simple GUI is created

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