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Using PixelGetColor to click on a location

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I've been trying to get this to work for the LONGEST time (ok, only two days, but still) and it does not want to work correctly.

Basically, I want to click a location, then $loading = PixelGetColor (100, 100), then a Do loop to do $loading2 = PixelGetColor (100, 100) until $loading <> $loading2, then another Do loop to do Sleep for three seconds then $loading3 = PixelGetColor (100, 100) until $loading2 <> $loading3. However~ It just doesn't want to work properly for me. This is what I have so far:

MouseClick ("left", 40, 560, 1, 5)
Sleep (500)
$loading = PixelGetColor (100, 100)
    $loading2 = PixelGetColor (100, 100)
    Sleep (500)
Until $loading <> $loading2
                Sleep (3000)
                $loading3 = PixelGetColor (100, 100)
Until $loading2 <> $loading3

Sleep (2000)
MouseClick ("left", 40, 455, 1, 5)

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