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_ReplaceStringInFile Help

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What I'm trying to do is read from a txt file and write a Regular Expression to fix as follows

What I have now is:

File1 File Name1

File2 File Name2

What I want is:

File1|File Name1

File2|File Name2

This is just an example.

$file = "C:\somefile.txt"

$find = "(\w \s* \w)"

$replace = "|"

;Return Value

$retvalue = _ReplaceStringInFile($file, $find, $replace, 0, 1)

If $retvalue = -1 Then

MsgBox(0, "Error", "Pattern could not be found")



MsgBox(0, "Info", "Pattern found")


Please assist. Sorry for such a noob question but couldn't figure this out for nothing.

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