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Ini Read ini Run Prob

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Hello ;)

Hi my next learn tut wis autoit is Ini read and Run from ini But i have adde this in my Thc.ini datei to load the exe files from his ini files but not wörks :idiot:

Wat is wrong pls tell me wat is wrong in the code exampel Very big thx to help :D

Is my Ini right or wat i call in the ini to use the Thc.exe from my ini pls i ned input :lol:

Ini settings

[Number 0]

Spammbot 1.1 Beta Message Text=C:\Programme\DirtyBanditos\Thc.exe

Code use in my main Prog:

While 1



Func mRun()

AutoItSetOption("WinTitleMatchMode", 2)

IniRead("C:\Programme\DirtyBanditos\Thc.ini", "Number 0", "Spammbot 1.1 Beta Message Text", "NotFound")

Run("C:\Programme\DirtyBanditos\Thc.ini", "Number 0", "Spammbot 1.1 Beta Message Text", "NotFound")

WinWait(Number 0)

MsgBox(0, "Title", $ln & @CR & @error)

WinWait("Number 0")

EndFunc ;==>mRun

This wörks very fine for me but not variable exe start from Thc.ini help pls :D

Func mRun5()

AutoItSetOption("WinTitleMatchMode", 2)

Run("C:\Programme\DirtyBanditos\Item Pickit.exe", "", @SW_MAXIMIZE)

WinWait("Item Pickit.exe")

$ln = StatusbarGetText("Item Pickit.exe", "")

MsgBox(0, "Title", $ln & @CR & @error)

EndFunc ;==>mRun5

Edited by DirtyBanditos

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Are you kidding me, I thought we'd already told you dude, no-one on here is gonna help you write a SpamBot. Also, please learn English, no offence to people that don't speak English, but from the way you write, it just seems like you can't be bothered.

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