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Copy Word Table To XML Table

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Hello guys,

I want to copy table contents from a Word file to a xml based system.

At first I create a table in the xml system with the same columns and e.g. one line.

The cursor is now standing in the first field of the xml system.

At second I mark the first field in the Word table and start my script.

Now I input the count for the fields who I want to copy and press the start button

- The script activates the Word file

- It copies the contents from the first field to the clipboard

- It send a TAB to mark the next field

- The script activates the xml system

- It paste the contents from the clipboard to the selected field

- It send a TAB for the next field

- decrement my count

This function ends if the counter is zero.

It works very well, many thanks to the developer.

My problem is, if there are control signs inside the Word table fields e.g. "Cr"

the result is inside one <p> </p> tag of the xml system without this information.

So I must look for such signs in the Word file and make in the xml file a new

<p> </p> manually in each field if it required.

I'm searching a method also to look for the control signs with StringMid(...)

after I send "^c". But if I use the AutoIt Function

$y = _ClipBoard_GetData()

to use inside for ... next

if StringMid($y,x,1)=$cr then

my script crashes.

Know anyone a posibility to solve this problem?

Thank you for your ideas and

have a nice day.

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