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Differences between AutoIT and QTP and advantages of AutoIT over QTP

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I would like to know abt the differences between AutoIT and QTP and also the adavantages of using AutoIT.



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From my understanding Quick Test Pro is deisgned for what the name implies...testing. It tests your GUI program for errors and such.

AutoIt is a scripting langauge designed to help you build (among other things) GUI programs.

They CAN do simmilar things but they were designed for different reasons.

I beleive QTP costs a fair bit of money so that's about all the disadvantage I'd need to say that AutoIt is 'better', but really they were ment to do slightly different things I think. I don't think you're going to see to many people on these forms say QTP is better for writing software in general though.

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AutoIt and QTP are hard to compare but I 'll try since I just recently since about 4-6 weeks know AutoIT and QTP I know for about 2 years.

AutoIT was not intended as a testing tool but definitely it has all components available to do automated testing but needs a little more studying.

If AutoIT recognizes your objects (not all are recognized with AU3Info tool but you can recognize more from script. HTML controls are not recognized by AU3Info but can be controlled from functions as documented in IE.AU3 UDF library)

* QTP is more focused on the userlevel with a friendly userinterface also usable by non programmers. AutoIT is more for the script developer and not for a tester although an experienced scripter can make life real friendly with GUI support which is contained within AutoIT language

* QTP has a better spy on windows/objects out of the box. If you scan this forum there are many short scripts which help you out to spy on other objects. AutoIT can do it but its not fully integrated within AU3Info tool (the spy equivalant of QTP). So easy spying on internet controls is not easy

* QTP expertview is comparable to the development way how AutoIT works (Installing the full Scite Installation package you have a full IDE)

* QTP has better support for terminal emulator out of the box although with AutoIT you can build easily your own screenscraper

* QTP has java support which is not available thru AutoIt (So far not found .au3 scripts that connect with Java Native Interface / JNI)

* QTP has powerbuilder object support which is not available thru AutoIt (unless you workaround this with virtual area's to click on)

* QTP has a translation table (control repository) to give objects a logical and a technical name. Within AutoIT you have to define this lookup functionality yourself.

* QTP has support for different browsers whereas AutoIT can only do this by Active Accessibility (search in forum) or bitmap comparison. AutoIT supports IE controls by using IE.AU3 or own COM object references.

Autoit supports

* Easy screen snapshots

* Recognizes all basic windows controls

* Can recognize areas with pixelchecksum and pixelsearch (comparable with virtual objects of QTP)

* Has an advanced programming language with a lot of user defined functions

* Can be controlled from VBScript if wanted (Don't feel you should but at least you can)

* Within Scite IDE you can

** compile, build, run your scripts

** build a custom GUI for your scripts which is hard in QTP where you can only do this with an HTML page logic

** easily record simple scripts

** syntaxcoloring of your AU3 code

* You can create small standalone executables

Own experience so far

* Good support in the forums

* Good manual/help where a lot of examples are demonstrating how functions work

* Takes a litlle reading in the help before you have your basic scripts running (Windows controls and IE controls (study functions of IE.AU3))

* You need to know what you are doing. QTP brings you further at first steps but so far with QTP the userview is only for starters but quickly you will change to expertmode for coding a better maintainable testsuite.

* Debugging loglines with consolewritecommand and run your script from within Scite as an IDE

Advice to read

* http://www.autoitscript.com/autoit3/docs/faq.htm

* http://www.autoitscript.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=37289

* Study the help file

* Check this forum

AutoIT has my vote over QTP for projects / applications where the controls are recognized properly.

WinRunner I used for about 4-5 years and AutoIT wins easily on the scripting language and functions. TSL is from ancient history compared with AutoIT language but also here WinRunner has more support for different controls (Powerbuilder, Siebel, Java, If you don't need that AutoIT will be a better start).

AutoIT is free where QTP cost(s) a lot of money, you should made the tradeoff if spending in the beginning a little more time on AutoIT will save you money on the long run

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Thanks for the information and your time!!

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