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Automating data in word and excel

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Dear Friends,

I am a very newbie in the world of scripting. I know it has huge benefit in the information systems, but I lack it.

I am wondering if somebody could help me solve few of the things I am trying to do with AutoIt.


I like to auto run excel from XP clients and auto insert data in the cells.


I have a win server 2003 and has a server side software installed in it, called 2X ApplicationServer which publishes applications such as Excel to the XP clients.

On the XP client machine, there's a client side software installed, called 2X ApplicationServerClient, which communicates with 2X ApplicationServer in the server side and gets the applications such as Excel that are published by the Application Server.

What I am trying to do:

Automate to run the Excel in the client side, which is actually published from the server side. Client does not have this application installed locally.

As soon as Excel runs, after some interval of time, data gets inputed automatically on the Excel cells.

Helpful hints:

The client side communicates with application server on port 80 to get all the applications published.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


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[some Client-Server based Application <whatsoever> tool & Autoit?]

Get the latest Autoit and Autoit-Customized-SciTe Editor (download area this web server) and check, what the Autoit Info Window tool can "see" for this type of "running" Excel.

Go to the AutoIt help file an read it up. As a start:

All the Win*() functions and the send() function.

Regards, Rudi.

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