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Reading input file as "-i file_name"

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The gui I am currently working on for a command-line program requires a "-i" to precede the input file name. This is unlike what I have previously dealt with and I don't know how to accommodate it. Would I place it somewhere on the run line?

Run ( $prog &' '& $option &' "' &GUICtrlRead($file)&'"',"",@SW_HIDE )

For example: the above would need to run "program.exe -a -b -c -i file_name", where a,b and c are options.

I'm sure the simple solution should be obvious to me, but unfortunately it isn't.

Any direction appreciated.


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$file = "c:\boot.ini"
Run(@ComSpec & " /c dir /a " & $file & ">c:\log.txt", "", @SW_HIDE)
:) Edited by rasim

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