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I get a message box from the OS that has an OK button. Autoit spy shows the following:

>>>>>>>>>>>>( Window Title )<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Network Connections

( classname=#32770 )

>>>>>>>>>>>( Mouse Position )<<<<<<<<<<<<

On Desktop: x: 507 y: 162

In Window: x: 404 y: -149

>>>>>>>>>>>>>( Pixel Color Under Mouse)<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Dec: 13554646 Hex: 0xCED3D6

>>>>>>>>>>>( Window Position )<<<<<<<<<<<

left: 103 top: 311 width: 477 height: 119

>>>>>>>>( Last Control Under Mouse )<<<<<<<

>>>>>>>>>( Status Bar Text )<<<<<<<<

>>>>>>>>>>>( Visible Window Text )<<<<<<<<<


An entry named Wireless VPN Connection already exists. Choose a different name.

>>>>>>>>>>( Hidden Window Text )<<<<<<<<<

I want the script to end if the Visible Window text matches. But how do I handle the OK button?

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So how does the command go to use the isvisible, click ok to cancel that window, then cancel on the whole setup of a new vpn connection


what does Au3_Spy tell you when you hover over the OK button ?

If it gives a control name you probably can use ControlClick()...

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I should have put my script here to begin with to be more clear:




WinWaitActive ( "Run", "" , 100 )


WinWaitActive ( "Network Connections", "" , 100 )


WinWaitActive ( "New Connection Wizard", "" , 100 )











ClipPut("Wireless VPN Connection")



ControlClick("Network Connections", "", "", "center")


;MsgBox ( 0, "Wireless VPN Installation", "This install was successful" , 2 )

Problem is if you already have the script it will fail.

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