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I need some simple help :/

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It's me again. Makin another bot for Cabal Online and ran into a problem. I made a script, did my first GUI with it. I'm trying to make an auto potter for my game. Basically, you start the bot, it comes up with a credits thing (my friend and i made it) and you push ok. Then it has some text telling you what to do and 4 buttons, 75%, 50%, 25% and exit. If you push the 75% it will pot at 75% hp. I found the pixels and all that and entered em in. My problem with the bot is this. I push 75% and it works just fine but if i go down to start, its still there. I want it in the system tray. When its in the start bar it takes up space there and it looks weird because you cant push any buttons or anything. My other problem is adding 2 hotkeys. Pause/break to pause the script so I can pvp without potting automatically and the end key to exit the whole script. I tried adding them in but they didn't work. Thank you for the help and would be nice if it could be tidied. I have a crap load of WEnd and EndFunc's in it because I couldn't get it to work without em :/


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