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Socket of process / TCP Send

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Hello guys.

I want to send packets to a server with my autoit program. I'm connected to that server with another process /program/client.

The IP is and the Port 5131. I wanna send following packet: 0x203A20686900 but that isnt the problem.

The connected program has already a mainsocket. Now I need the same socket like the program has that is already connected. Otherwise I couldn't send the packets to the correct socket.

I want to send the packets like it is possible with WPE. I could also use WpeSpy.dll but I don't know how I could call it correctly.

So can I get the socket of a connected programm? Or do I need to hook in the process?

Or are there any other possibilities?

Greetz HanZ

PS: I searched many phrases in the forum like: "TCP" "HOOK" "SOCKET" "WPE" and more but didn't find a thing

Thx for your help

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That is pretty advanced.

You need to either hook the API or make a proxy and I wouldn't recommend AutoIt for either of the tasks.

Sorry to say that I do not know much about doing this, but after some quick googling the difficulty became pretty clear.

EDIT: CreateRemoteThread() - it's C++ but can be called using DllCall to kernel32.dll in AutoIt actually - might be what you're looking for.

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