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1) Those who get flamed deserve to be flamed.

2) If you can make a program you deserve to have control of someone else's forum?

3) 2k, as in $2,000? Jon created AutoIt and he gives it us for free. Why would you get $2,000?

My site for HTML Help :)[quote name='Valik' date='Oct 15 2004, 12:29 PM']Maybe nobody is an "elite uber-coder" like me because thinking is a capital offense in today's online-world?[right][snapback]36427[/snapback][/right][/quote]
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3.Name in credits for the linunx versions and all afuture versions of linux versions even if said Original Ideas and Source By:Max Gardner

Why do you want something that's not yours?

1. It was not your idea. The first post about a linux port I could find was from Feb 4 2004 by beerman

2. The source is not by you. You only modified an existing source if you would start working on this. Only if you would start from scratch when writing the linux source you would have the full rights on the source.

3. It's common that anyone contributing code is listed in the credits. Question is if you split your linux tree from AutoIt (then you have no right to be in the Windows credits) or if you submit code to Jon so he can merge linux and windows version into one product, then (in my opinion) you have the same right to be in the credits as everyone else that contributed code.

well I mean excessive flaming, I just might work on it, Will I get paid, ahh screw the money, IT'S FOR THE PEOPLE! No but seriously could I get paid or something, if only like 2k for developement of a Mac and LinuX version?

Lol I know it probly wont happen but what ever


beerman u suck so miuch dick it's beyond recognition, didnt u relize I was jokin, I said it was for the people idiot. fucken christ

Read your last quote. I marked the word bold. Don't tell people you're serious if you're not.

No I just want to beable to be control of the forum for Linux and MacĀ  that way I can answer questions

Strange. there are a lot of people here that can answer questions without being moderators.

if you are the original developer for the Linx and Mac version, you would know it best, dont ya think, and in all fairness you should beable to mod the Linux and Mac part

As above, you're not the original developer as long as you don't start from scratch.
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Actually Yes, if it is 70% different then it is considered by law Unique

Funny. This statement is wrong, too.

Maybe it's like this for one country but not for the whole world. Laws are only global as long as they're accepted by pretty much any country in the world. So if you talked about US law I don't care.

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Yeah, I think he was talking about US copyright law and the definition of "legally different". It's OK for you to publicly broadcast a song that sounds similar to the song "Lithium" by Nirvana without paying royalties to the creator, owner, record company, RIAA, and whatever other lawyer is currently sucking the coprorate tit at the moment as long as the song falls within that 70% guideline.

Disclamer: IANAL

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Lofting the cyberwinds on teknoleather wings, I am...The Blue Drache

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