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If you mean a selected file/folder in Explorer or :My Computer", then I don't think you easily can. (There are some third-party utilites such as CopyText that can do this; but it takes some work to integrate/automate with AutoIt) Also, try the FileOpenDialog function of AutoIt if if suits your needs.

What are you trying to accomplish? Maybe we can help offer alternative ideas.

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If you just want to allow the user to select a number of files and find out what they have picked then you can use FileOpenDialog - it allows the section of multiple files and returns the names of them all seperated by |

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Yes, thats what I want, select files/folders in Explorer en then write the names of the files/folders to an ini file

You can modify the following script as necessary. Beware though: depending on how many files you select, they may not all get passed in the $CmdLine[] array :whistle: ..

;This script is meant to run as the destination EXE 
;for a rightclick -> SendTo operation.
; - It's purpose is to place on the clipboard the names fo the files that were sent to it.
; - SPACE delimited and QUOTED list is compatible with TextPad's File/Open dialog.
; - CRLF-delimited list is nice for text listings and documentation

If $CmdLine[0] > 0 Then
    $tmp = ""
    For $i = 1 to $CmdLine[0]
;SPACE-delimited and QUOTED..
;       $tmp =  $tmp & """" & FileGetLongName($CmdLine[$i]) & """ "
        $tmp =  $tmp & FileGetLongName($CmdLine[$i]) & @CRLF
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