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Automated Button Clicker...

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Iam searching a Script which should be able to locate a word on a Captcha Image..

Its from a German Tool, so i call it Forward.. In German its "Weiter"...

The Image is looking like this here:

http://www.imgbox.de/?img=o11461p236.jpg or look in Attachments..

The Position of the "Forward" iss everytimes another, its never the same color and the whole

captcha iss sometimes on another position.. (about 5 px moved)..

As you can see, its sometimes not fully "out-writed", so a script who reads that pre defined Image Area, and locate the three first or three last, or full word letters of "weiter" would be the best. It should locate the Pixelposition to auto click (left) on it..

It appears every half an hour, and i need to have it automated.

Iam right now trying AutoIt, aufter i tried MacroX..

But iam at the beginning of writing Scripts.. so a newbee :)

so if ayone could give me some advice.. i would be happy

Thx alot



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Search forum for OCR (optical character recognition) but don't expect some simple solution just kick to way where go.

Also go to AutoIt3 section for better results then here in old V2 section.

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