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Labeling instances

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Well, I'm trying to compile a list of classes within a window using WinGetClassList() but I need to put instances after each one (button1, button2,button3) instead of just (button,button,button)

The format I have it churn out is already "edit|edit|edit|button|button)

How can I slap a number (starting from 1) onto each button or edit?

This is what I tried, ($controls is an array of all the controls, $listcon being an already stringed-together list of controls in "edit|edit" format)

For $s = $controls[0] To 1 Step -1

StringReplace($listcon,$controls[$y],$controls[$y] & $s, $s)


What I THOUGHT this would do is change all of them to a certain number as the count went down (last parameter in that), leaving the changed ones unchanged.

I THOUGHT it would act like this:











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