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Help with TreeView

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Good day all.

I am working on a backup untility that users can select the directories they would like to backup. I am using a treeview and have the control listing and displaying the directories. I used the $TVS_CHECKBOXES option to add checkboxes next to each directory. I am having difficulty understanding how to read when a directory has a check in the checkbox.

I am using a For loop after retrieving the number of entries in the list view using _GUICtrlTreeViewGetCount.

Can anyone give me any advice on how to determine if the item read is True or False.

I figured I'd try and use the same thought to read a regular checkbox, but it does not seem to work.

$TCount = _GUICtrlTreeViewGetCount ($Tree)

For $TV = 1 to $TCount Step 1

$TVState = BitAND(_GUICtrlTreeViewGetState ($Tree1, $TCount), $GUI_CHECKED) = $GUI_Checked

Any help is appreciated.



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