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MouseMove and my problem

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2 every1,

i wrote a code to control a mouse move by keyboard instead moving the mouse myself, but the problem is on some webpage which have a scrollbar, when i press Down arrow key (which bring the cursor down and it's ok), the scrollbar also scroll down and i can't move the cursor to my expect position, i'll be very glad if some1 show me how to stop the scrollbar (sure, just temp) from moving, thanks

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What are your hotkeys? Ctrl+Numpad key? Then it's not working because if you notice the numpad keys, some of them got text on them. When num lock is on (so you can type numbers) and you press ctrl+numpad key, the action written on the keys will be executed it. On my keyboard (and I think on any keyboard) is:

. (dot) = Del*

0: Ins

1: End

2: Down

3: Page Down

4: Left

5: Nothing afaik

6: Right

7: Home

8: Up

9: Page Up

*I recently realized that you can open task manager by pressing ctrl+alt+dot (on numpad)

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