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Dynamic URL Resolution?

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Trying to find out if this is possible. Currently this is what I am hwanting to do. I have these 2 menu items that launch a browser window to URL's. I would just point the link to the IP address but I need the server to receive the full url to resolve the subdomains properly. I could put this into the hosts file but to the best of my knowledge you cannot map multiple ip's to a single name. I also need to be able to work in the separate browser instances at the same time without resolution conflicts.

I am wondering if I can modify the autoproxy to help me with this and based on the sessionid, resolve to a select server for that particular browser


Menu Item Label: Test URL (Server1) Navigation URL: testing.testurl.com

Menu Item Label: Test URL (Server2) Navigation URL: testing.testurl.com

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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