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shell out and wait but capture the output

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Hi I'm trying to restart a service using the psservice.exe command (let's call it myService)

I do this by executing a ShellExecuteWait command. The value returned is whether the command executes successfully (always) What I want though is the output coming back.

If the restart does not work I'll see "error restarting myService" in the shellbox.

How can I capture this output for processing in autoit?

Conversely, I tried to set parameter to pipe the output to a file to read after but I don't see the file getting generated.

Here's my code snippet

Func _RestartAmo($node)

;run psservice on the amoagent to restart

Dim $program, $cmd, $pipelog, $params

$program = "psservice.exe"

$cmd = "restart myService"

$pipelog = " > checkresult.log"

$params = "\\" & $node & " " & $cmd & $pipelog

Opt("RunErrorsFatal", 0)

Dim $val

$val = ShellExecuteWait($program,$params)

Opt("RunErrorsFatal", 1)

; script waits until psservice.exe closes

if _CheckAmoRestartLog() Then

return True


Return False



Func _CheckAmoRestartLog()

Dim $logfile


Dim $myArray

If Not _FileReadToArray($logfile,$myArray) Then

MsgBox(4096,"Error", " Error reading log to Array error:" & @error)



For $x = 1 to $myArray[0]

if StringRegExp( $myArray[1], "error starting myService") Then

FileDelete ( $logfile )

return False ; there was a problem restarting the agent



FileDelete ($logfile)

return True ; no errors found


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hmmm looks like I can do what I want with the servicecontrol.au3 module.

however I'd like to know what I'm doing wrong in my code and why it doesn't generate the pipe file.


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