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script takes 10 ms in winxp

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this scans like 100 pixel in xp it took on a 3000+ amd like notime at all

in vista on a 2400 quad core cpu it takes a whole lot of time

i noticed that with some other features too like pixel search

Func hp()
    Local $ahp1 = 1
    Local $ahpMin = $coord_min_hp_x
    Local $ahpMax = $coord_max_hp_x 
    Local $ahpy = $coord_hp_y
    Local $ampx = 1
    For $ampx = $ahpMin To $ahpMax Step 1
        $ahp1 = PixelGetColor($ampx, $ahpy)
        If $ahp1 = Dec("090909") Then ExitLoop
    GUICtrlSetData($hp, Int((100 * ($ampx - $ahpMin) / ($ahpMax - $ahpMin))) & "%")
    If $ampx >= $ahpMax Then Return 1
    If $ampx <> $ahpMax Then Return ($ampx - $ahpMin) / ($ahpMax - $ahpMin)
EndFunc ;==>hp
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PixelGetColor calls API that rely on GetDC ... GetDC takes much longer to run on Vista... it has been covered... try different search terms in the forum and try prefixing search words with +


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