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script takes 10 ms in winxp

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this scans like 100 pixel in xp it took on a 3000+ amd like notime at all

in vista on a 2400 quad core cpu it takes a whole lot of time

i noticed that with some other features too like pixel search

Func hp()
    Local $ahp1 = 1
    Local $ahpMin = $coord_min_hp_x
    Local $ahpMax = $coord_max_hp_x 
    Local $ahpy = $coord_hp_y
    Local $ampx = 1
    For $ampx = $ahpMin To $ahpMax Step 1
        $ahp1 = PixelGetColor($ampx, $ahpy)
        If $ahp1 = Dec("090909") Then ExitLoop
    GUICtrlSetData($hp, Int((100 * ($ampx - $ahpMin) / ($ahpMax - $ahpMin))) & "%")
    If $ampx >= $ahpMax Then Return 1
    If $ampx <> $ahpMax Then Return ($ampx - $ahpMin) / ($ahpMax - $ahpMin)
EndFunc ;==>hp
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