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Can AutoIt be used for Windows Mobile Device UI automation?

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Richard Robertson

As of right now, AutoIt does not support Windows Mobile. I don't believe there are currently any plans to yet either.

The user who posted that (I read it) made no mention of mobile, and may have thought the thread was about GUIs on a computer.

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Hi All,

I've been looking for a UI Automation tool for Windows Mobile devices. I found out about AutoItX on the msdn blog below


but it does not talk about how to do it? Any samples or suggestions will be great.



Check out http://mort.sto-helit.de/index.php?module=...&entry=20... there is a tool there called MortScript - seems to do AutoIt type things for mobile devices... i would love AutoIT to be working for Mobile devices (as i'm used to it lol) but Mort is the best i've found - i've yet to use it fully and see its capabilities etc. but seems a good start...

Let me know how it goes.



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