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I want to click on pariticular Item from listview , For this i am using below mention code i.e first select item from list & then click on it, But it is not working. Please advice.

oAutoIt.ControlListView winname, "", "SysListView321", "Select", task, task

oAutoIt.ControlSend winname, "", "SysListView321", task

oAutoIt.controlfocus winname, "SysListView321", task

oAutoIt.ControlClick winname, "", "SysListView321"

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You are in wrong forum.

You are using AutoItX.

As Far as I know in AutoItX it can't be done (this way).

In pure AutoIt it could be done by _GUICtrlListView_ClickItem()

I think oAutoIt.ControlClick() clicks at left top corner of control - here whole ListView.

Thank You for reply,

Sorry, But i am not getting your point i.e here whole listview

Because as per query

i have select that task(listview item) first & then i want to click on that task.

& i have also raised same query in General Support forum. If this is wrong then pls suggest me which forum ?

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